04.11.2021 | Live on your screen

The conference to scale up the ROI of your Marketing

All Things Performance Marketing Conference went live on the 4th of November to help 180 attendees learn the latest trends, tools, and innovations, discover new opportunities for growth, and get inspired by some of the industry’s top practitioners and brightest minds.


What’s in it for you

Today, more than ever, we need best practices rather than theory and that is exactly what this conference is about. Our speakers are practitioners willing to share openly their learnings on what has been proven to work and what is not.

So, expect to leave All Things Performance Marketing Conference with a fresh perspective, first-hand insights, and actionable tactics around a series of relevant topics including the following:

  • How to make the most of Behavioral Science as a Performance Marketer
  • The demise of Third-Party Cookies and how it changes the landscape
  • The Performance Marketing Ecosystem and what needs to change
  • How to make your Social Media Content more relevant and better performing with Data
  • The convergence of Branding and Performance and what it means for Marketers
  • How to take advantage of Automations in Performance Marketing
  • The tricky relationship between Creative and Performance
  • How to be able to spot marketing bullsh*t
Meet the


Richard Shotton

Founder, Astroten / Best-selling Author, The Choice Factory

Phill Agnew

Senior Product Marketer, Hotjar

Panos Bassios

Jury President, PEAK Awards 2021 & Digital, Data & Analytics Director, MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta

Mauro Fusco

Head of Analytics Europe, Kantar Insights

Eirini Gele

Head of Performance Marketing, Kaizen Gaming

Arnout Hellemans

Technical SEO & Analytics Consultant

Zontee Hou

Founder, Media Volery / Head of Strategy, Convince & Convert

Fred Maude

Performance In Top 50 Influencer / Founder, Maude Consultancy

Lexi Mills

CEO, Shift6 Studios

Antigone Mirmiroglou

Head of Digital, 3ds Digital Agency

Pedro Ramos

Executive Director, Performance, OMD EMEA

Gemma Russell

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Fountain Partnership

Marc Stoiber

Brand Strategist & Consultant

Jake Surrey

Head of Digital – North America, Fountain Partnership


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As a must-attend conference for every business that is eager to outperform the competition, this event is a great opportunity to promote your services, forge long-lasting connections and generate new leads with marketers from across Greece, Cyprus, and the rest of Europe. Get in contact with the BOUSSIAS team. We are here to help you get the most out of your sponsorship.

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